10 Roguelikes To Play If You Love The Cult Of The Lamb

Worship of the Lamb has been a big hit on the indie scene since its release in August 2022. Developed by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital, it stands out for its cute art style that juxtaposes a comedic and dark cult-centric narrative, while blending multiple genres .

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While the game features plenty of mini-games around the main premise of running a cult, there’s also plenty of dungeon crawling and roguelike combat to enjoy. Roguelikes thrive on their procedurally generated levels and the stakes permadeath adds to their combat. There are many games in multiple genres that fans of Worship of the Lamb will enjoy, but the combat in particular will have people looking for more gripping roguelikes.

ten Rogue is the original inspiration of the genre

Thug wasn’t the very first game to introduce dungeon crawling and procedural generation features, but it’s still considered the founding father of the roguelike genre. Although not the most exciting visual spectacle, Thug was inspired by early text adventures and really laid the groundwork for future roguelikes.

Letters and symbols have been used to represent different concepts, from objects to enemies. Thug feels like the skeleton of an adventure game of its ilk, encouraging players to use their imaginations to formulate the world beyond text.

9 The Binding of Isaac is one of the pioneers of Roguelikes

Since its initial release in 2011, The Binding of Isaac was revolutionary for the roguelike genre. It is influenced by the biblical story of the Binding of Isaac, but results in a gripping adventure through procedurally generated dungeons. Additionally, it features a high level of difficulty along with the threats and problems that permadeath brings.

The Binding of Isaac received a remake named Renaissancewith additional content added under the name Placenta. The Binding of Isaac has a more simplistic art style than many other roguelikes, but it still features solid gameplay and a relatively unmatched level of replayability.

8 Enter the Gungeon Ups The Chaos In A Big Way

Enter the dungeon is a well-known favorite across several different genres. From bullet hell to roguelike and dungeon crawler, this game truly embraces chaos. This fusion offers a unique and captivating experience, and roguelike fans should definitely give it a try.

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Worship of the Lamb has its projectile attacks, but Enter the dungeon focuses its entire arsenal of weapons and general offenses on firearms and ranged attacks. Relentless enemies and their own attacks make close combat nearly impossible, though dodging is once again a roguelike gamer’s best friend.

seven FTL: Faster Than Light is the Roguelike RTS that deserves recognition

FTL: faster than light deserves its place among the best roguelikes. This is a real-time strategy genre, and Subset Games really knocked it out of the park with this one. The classic roguelike influences of permadeath and procedurally generated levels are clear to all and are actively embraced. Players struggle to manage a spaceship crew while trying to juggle multiple priorities and survival.

Although it’s not as cheeky as games like underworld in its presentation and its explosive combat, FTL still manages to engage the player almost immediately. It also dips its toes into simulation and strategy concepts, making for an extremely versatile and varied experience.

6 Children Of Morta also focuses on a family fighting against evil

Children of Morta is a game that deserves more attention than it gets. It’s a roguelike action RPG with a truly captivating story. It focuses on the Bergson family as they set out to defend their homeland against an evil called corruption. Its gameplay isn’t as polished or varied as other roguelikes, but there’s obvious care in the art, animation, and characters in general.

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Children of Morta has the procedural generation expected of a roguelike, with both success and failure returning the player to the family home. Here they can regroup and advance the story, with all items acquired during the level being incorporated into this progression. His concept of a family fighting against evil is comparable to that of Worship of the Lambeven if they are still very different.

5 Dungeon Of The Endless is a turn-based variant of Roguelike but still hits the mark

Dungeon of the Endless is a roguelike with a twist. It may have the procedurally generated levels and the heavy permadeath influence, but it takes a turn-based approach with a tower defense concept. Players take on the role of survivors on a prison spaceship as they attempt to navigate their escape. While games like underworld and Worship of the Lamb are quintessential roguelikes in their combat, infinity dungeon is a reminder that the genre spans multiple variations and styles.

He can miss the eccentric stupidity that Worship of the Lamb provides, but infinity dungeon offers players a unique experience. Roguelike fans should definitely check it out.

4 Crypt Of The NecroDancer Takes A Unique But Silly Idea And Makes It Work

The concept of the roguelike has been built and manipulated over the years. Worship of the Lamb is the latest to put its own spin on the genre, standing out thanks to its goofy sounds, actions, and overall aesthetic, but putting it in harsh and barbaric circumstances. Still, it’s by no means the most original idea when it comes to roguelike games.

Crypt of the NecroDancer is a roguelike rhythm game, a combination that doesn’t make too much sense at first glance. However, tying the game’s soundtrack to the gameplay is a stroke of genius, which this game pulls off. It’s unlike any other roguelike, but certainly deserves to be considered one of the most impactful.

3 Dead Cells is the perfect mix of styles

Released in 2018, dead cells is a formidable mesh of genres. It’s a great example of a game that takes the best of a roguelike and puts it into a Metroidvania-style platformer. There are other roguelikes with more engaging gameplay, but few capture the action-platforming idea quite as well. It captures the chaotic essence of what a roguelike needs, especially in terms of combat.

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As with most other roguelikes, dead cells offers the player a multitude of wacky weapons to try and test on the different enemies. Worship of the Lamb offers an equally exciting array of weapons and upgrades as the player progresses through the world.

2 Spelunky has become an adopted Roguelike

Potholing is a 2D platform game that was originally released in 2008 on PC before its popularity took it to other consoles. It’s one of the first games to properly incorporate rogue-like elements into a side-scrolling platformer.

Potholing succeeded thanks to its enjoyable art style juxtaposed with genuinely challenging gameplay. It even managed to have a sequel that actually improved on the original, receiving favorable reviews that even surpassed its predecessor. Potholing may not be a quintessential roguelike in all of its elements, but it’s certainly one of the mainstays of the genre, influencing many of the more recent additions.

1 Hades is the benchmark for Roguelikes

Since its release in 2018, underworld became the leading roguelike dungeon crawler that all others in the genre are compared to. In underworld, Supergiant Games has brought an experience like no other. It has the fast-paced action that any roguelike should have, but it’s somehow amped up for the optimal combat experience.

underworld raises the bar even further, however, with an engrossing story and generally impeccable visuals. Everything from music to aesthetics comes together to complete the perfect game. Worship of the Lamb may have additional features to tie it to other genres, but underworld is a quintessential roguelike dungeon crawler.

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