10 powerful characters who should be better party members

the Final fantasy the games have a long history and each entry in the series hosts its own creative cast of characters. Some of the most memorable characters are those who showed impressive displays of strength, courage, and wit during key moments in a game’s history. These characters often become fan favorites of the series.

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But it doesn’t always work that way. Some powerful characters show a glaring lack of teamwork, inspire distrust, have a disappointing skill set, or even betray those they would call comrades. Despite all their strengths and skills in some areas, they are outweighed by weaknesses in others.

ten Kain Highwind Betrays His Best Friend (Final Fantasy IV)

Kain is a longtime friend and rival of Cecil, the protagonist of Final Fantasy IV. In the early parts of the game, he is revealed to be even stronger and more able to handle himself than Cecil. But when Cecil could use a friend the most, he disappears.

Worse yet, Kain sides with enemy forces and even acts against Cecil and his cause the next time they meet. It’s the kind of betrayal that could ruin a friendship forever, but the two eventually reconcile and cooperate against a greater threat.

9 Yuffie Kisaragi Steals Members Of His Own Party (Final Fantasy VII)

Yuffie grew up in an isolated ninja village and learned the habits of a thief. His weapon of choice is a giant shuriken, and his ability to easily engage multiple fighters makes him a valued member of the team. She is lively, optimistic and tenacious. If she is treasure hunt or fight Shinra to restore her nation to its former glory, nothing can hold her back.

But his loyalty to the party and its goals is inconstant. When her own goals take precedence over the group, she even goes so far as to steal material, a source of great strength, from her party members and take a break there.

8 Umaro throws his friends at his enemies (Final Fantasy VI)

Official illustration of Umaro from Final Fantasy VI

Umaro is a yeti. Strength is his defining asset, from the ground shaking beneath his feet, to making his way through the walls of a stone fortress. The group even clashes against him in a boss battle before he joins.

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But communication is not its strong point, nor is cooperation. Players cannot directly control Umaro in battles, as he automatically performs attacks every turn. Many of his attacks also involve throwing his party members at enemies, giving the term “team player” a whole new kind of meaning.

7 Auron likes to keep secrets (Final Fantasy X)

Auron from Final Fantasy X

Auron is one of the most respected and powerful characters in Spira, players around the world are walking through Final Fantasy X. His past exploits and accomplishments have earned him praise and fame, with young people aspiring to live up to his legacy. Tidus and Yuna even turn to him for advice throughout the journey.

However, he keeps a lot to himself. He keeps many important secrets, even those he travels with, and often only reveals half the true story when asked. He has good intentions and reasons for his secrecy, but being cautious and aloof doesn’t really get him any favors.

6 Cyan Garamonde is going through hard times (Final Fantasy VI)

Cyan Garamonde from Final Fantasy VI

Despite his mastery of Bushido, Cyan is devastated shortly after the players are introduced to him. Once a respected servant of the King of Doma, with a fierce loyalty to his beloved wife and child, this life quickly crumbles around him at the hands of the evil Kefka.

Losing his kingdom and his family due to betrayal causes him great suffering and it colors his behavior. His manners are sometimes rigid and stern, and he often becomes oppressed, feeling guilty for Doma’s tragedy. His grief even causes him to develop prejudices against some party members, and he struggles to move forward until he gets closure later in the story.

5 Squall Leonheart is afraid to open up to others (Final Fantasy VIII)

Squall Leonheart from Dissidia and Final Fantasy VIII

Even though he is the protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, Squall is not starting off on the right foot. He eventually becomes a respected leader and earns the trust of his many allies, but during the early events of history he is cold and aloof, keeping everyone at bay.

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His fear of opening up, showing his vulnerability and leaning on others manifests in a cold and indifferent attitude, which pushes others away as he tries to take it all on his own. He eventually learns the value of trusting and relying on others, but it takes a while for him to calm down on the cold shoulder business.

4 Amarant Coral has a superiority complex (Final Fantasy IX)

A collage of images of Amaranth Coral from Final Fantasy IX

Amarant is full of strength, arrogance and pride. He believes his path is superior, and it’s only when he loses a battle against Zidane that he begins to question that. Even then, his motivation to follow is to assert his superiority, rather than to consider other possibilities.

Just when it looks like he’s going to prove everyone wrong by cementing his superiority in a triumphant moment in his history, he falls into a trap. Zidane folds back to help him save him, and this act ultimately humiliates Amarant enough to admit that teamwork has merit.

3 Balthier wants there to be something for him (Final Fantasy XII)

Balthier from Final Fantasy XII

Balthier is a showy, loud and charismatic character among the actors of Final Fantasy XII. He owns an airship and with his partner Fran has become a notorious sky pirate by trade. He imagines himself playing the lead role in their story, and even declares it during the game.

But this arrogance sometimes turns into selfishness. He has a reluctance to help others without sufficient reward for him, and he even resorts to taking advantage of other party members on occasion if it earns him the prize he seeks.

2 Galuf takes it too lightly (Final Fantasy V)

Galuf Halm Baldesion from Final Fantasy V

Galuf is a king and a heroic warrior. Despite these achievements, the initial impression Galuf gives to players Final fantasy v does not show such qualities. He seems to take things too lightly, often joking and even making fun of other party members.

In truth, he suffers from amnesia and the memory loss from which he suffers bothers him more than he suggests. Eventually, the members of his group realize that he has not been honest with his feelings, nor completely honest with them, because his memory returns during the adventure.

1 Vincent Valentine has a score to settle from his past (Final Fantasy VII)

Vincent Valentine from Dirge of Cerberus and Final Fantasy VII

Dark, mysterious, distant and brooding, Vincent is a character of few words. In Final Fantasy VII, players learn that Professor Hojo has experimented on Vincent in the past, granting him powerful, bestial transformations, but Vincent resented him. It is only the promise of being able to face his former enemy that convinces Vincent to join Cloud’s group.

Vincent’s attitude seems so callous and cold that at one point in the story Cloud asks him whether or not he cares about what they’re trying to achieve. Although as the discussion progresses, it is clear that this was a misunderstanding, rather than a lack of attention.

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