10 most important heroes to include in the party

Every hero in Darkest Dungeon is a consumable cog in the grand scheme of things. After all, the legendary mansion the game takes place in is a meat grinder where adventurers enter and treasure exits, with or without the majority of those adventurers. Nonetheless, you’ll want to practice some consideration for human rights and think about preserving the lives of said adventurers.

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With that in mind, choosing the highest pedigree of these heroes ensures that some or most of their comrades emerge from the dungeons alive. Some of them are simply more effective than others in their intended roles. They are either easier to fly or just blend in well with any party. Make sure to include these heroes in your party to lighten up the Darkest Dungeon, if only a little.

ten Vestal

  • Best healer in the game
  • Also has area attacks

The best hero to keep your other heroes alive is none other than the Vestal. She’s the cleric or medic equivalent in this game and has several healing skills that other heroes will find it hard to match.

It fits into any party, unless you don’t want to control everyone’s health. Aside from her healing skills, the Vestal also has some decent stun abilities that put her in a pure supporting role. Even the trinkets meant for her tend to turn her into a healing robot.

9 Plague doctor

  • Offensive support role
  • Stun and Blight scale well late in the game

Think of the Plague Doctor as the opposite of the Vestal, but more emo. She is very determined to reduce the health of enemies in the most sinister way possible. That’s why she has reliable stun and burn skills to do the trick.

This puts the Plague Healer on a fairly high level compared to other support classes, as both of these skills can save lives in long dungeons or in boss fights. Stun puts enemies out of action while Blight is deadly against enemies with high protection.

8 Cross

  • Well-balanced hero
  • Deals heavy damage
  • Can cure stress and health

You just can’t go wrong with the Crusader. He is one of the first heroes to be introduced to the game and still holds up well regardless of the dungeon or level. Here is a well-built character who can do tons of damage and also take care of his teammates.

He’s one of the best frontline heroes in the game. When he’s not purging heretics in dungeons, he heals stress or provides protection in the heat of the moment. Plus, he looks great and intimidating with all that armor.

7 Crossbow

  • Off-screen healer
  • Deal high damage and more with Mark
  • Can hit enemies from the baseline

The Arbalest is another military man you wouldn’t want to ignore for a party. Because the back line enemies in Darkest Dungeon are a death sentence and the Arbalest can deal with them quickly.

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Her powerful ranged attacks have good coverage as long as she is in optimal rank in the party. More than that, she’s a reliable healer while camping with her field medic skills. With her in the party, you can probably even give up the need for a Vestal.

6 Hellion

  • Great frontline hero
  • Deals heavy damage
  • Can take on the enemy front line
  • Has decent bleeding damage

The Hellion would be another solid option or alternative for the front line if the Crusader is too preachy or preachy for you. She focuses on just one thing: dealing damage to any enemy in front of her, which usually means enemy frontlines.

The Hellion can strike multiple frontline enemies at once and sometimes even cause them to bleed. Even without that kind of utility, she’s still amazing at dealing big, immediate damage.

5 Man at arms

  • Best tank in the game
  • Can also protect other party members if needed

Man-at-Arms is Darkest Dungeon’s attempt to make the game a little easier for everyone, as he’s one of the few certified meat shields in the hero roster. Traditionally, he can no longer hit his sword as hard as he could in his prime.

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Therefore, he makes up for it with an overwhelming amount of defense. A man-at-arms from any group can come under fire. As for the offensive utility, you can also take advantage of his stun skills and push attacks to spoil the enemy team.

4 Highwayman

  • Glass barrel
  • Flexible and very damaging dealer
  • May cause bleeding

The Highwayman boils down at best to a more versatile version of the Hellion, but less suited to the front lines. This pure damage class knows multiple ways to kill, whether that’s by bleeding an enemy to death or putting holes in their heads.

He’s great for boss fights due to his penchant for dealing multiple damage types such as AoE, Melee, Bleed, or Ranged. Other than that he really doesn’t have any other party uses but he doesn’t need to have any other roles anyway.

3 Dog trainer

  • Multiple roles
  • Has everything you want in a hero

An even better jack of all trades than the Crusader, the Houndmaster does it all and does it right. Thanks to his good boys, he can also cure stress in addition to being able to heal himself and his dogs.

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The Houndmaster also deals bleed damage and can mark enemies. It can also attack all ranks and destroy some of the enemies’ protection. He’s so good and self-sufficient in any party that having four will work well regardless of the content.

2 Occultist

occultist in the darkest dungeon

  • Can also heal
  • Effective in disrupting enemy formations

The Occultist is also another profession in its own right that can heal and inflict devastating utility and damage to the enemy. Having him in a party automatically makes him better, even from a single skill.

This skill would be Daemon’s Pull; this can ruin the enemy’s formation and cause them to lose a turn or open up their vulnerabilities. Otherwise, the Occultist’s large-scale attacks and damage mitigation are sufficient for any group as well.

1 Bounty hunter

  • Large single target damage
  • Can repeatedly stun

Speaking of disrupting enemy tactics, the Bounty Hunter is an expert anarchist in the field. He can easily attract enemies and make them more vulnerable, quite true to his name.

What he excels at most is dealing large amounts of damage to a single target and incapacitating a single enemy multiple times with his advanced stun skills.

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