10 Longest Mainline Final Fantasy Games, Ranked By HowLongToBeat

The Final Fantasy series has produced many animated worlds. Every entrance is filled to the brim with bright cities, people to talk to, and quiet distractions. It’s easy to get lost in everyone Final Fantasy world. The world may be in danger, but it can wait because there are Chocobos that need a run!

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At some point, however, the main story will end. How it takes will ultimately depend on the player and what they are willing to put into this world. For those who want to get an idea of ​​how long it takes to reach the end credits of a Final Fantasy, HowLongToBeat is designed for this purpose. HowLongToBeat allows players to vote on the length of a game based on different playing styles such as “Completionist” and “Recreational”. With 15 main entrances in the Final Fantasy series, some are longer than others.

Each Final Fantasy The game listed is the original release and only represents the average completion time of the main story. No DLC or extension is taken into account.

ten Final Fantasy V is a Forgotten Classic (32.5 hours)

Arguably the most underrated and underrated mainline Final Fantasy Game, Final Fantasy V barely gets love and attention. It doesn’t help that his output is sandwiched between two of the most beloved mainlines. Final Fantasy games in Final Fantasy 4 and Final Fantasy VI. FFV is notable for expanding and popularizing the job system where characters can equip different classes, such as Black Mage, and master them as they level up. This employment system FFV one of the deepest main lines Final Fantasy Games.

At the time of its release, FFV was the longest main line Final Fantasy Thu. Its 32.5 hour runtime, on average, is eight hours longer than Final Fantasy 2.

9 Final Fantasy VI is an all-time great RPG (35 hours)

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of “Best RPG of All Time” rankings on the internet. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have FFVI ranked near the top. FFVI is the perfect RPG storm with a great story, an iconic villain, memorable party members, and an exciting combat system.

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FFVI is a game that few players want to see completed, so its average length of 35 hours gives players plenty of time to delve into the world of balance and uncover its many secrets. But don’t wait too long to stop Kefka from his evil plan – don’t want to leave the world in ruins.

8 There’s a lot more to Final Fantasy VII beyond its main game (36.5 hours)

FFVI is not the only main line Final Fantasy which tops the RPG charts of all time. Final Fantasy VII is often filed right there with FFVI. FFVII is one of the most important RPGs ever created to hook players both to the Final Fantasy series and the RPG genre as a whole. FFVII impact on gaming led to his induction into the World Video Game Hall of Fame in 2018.

FFVII has since spawned numerous prequels, sequels, and spinoffs fully fleshing out the world of Gaia. For the Final Fantasy VII Remake, FFVII 36.5 hours on average turned out to be too much to do properly in a single game. Square Enix chose to release instead FFVII remake in multiple full game versions.

seven Final Fantasy IX will soon have an animated series (38.5 hours)

After delving into steampunk, modernist and futuristic worlds, Square decided to take a step back with Final Fantasy IX by revisiting medieval settings. This decision paid off with one of the best main lines Final Fantasy games to date as well as Final Fantasy designer Hironobu Sakaguchi’s favorite main line.

FIX colourful, cel-shaded, world and cast are still making gamers happy in 2022. So much so that FIX is set to receive an animated television series adaptation. For players who believe that 38h30 on average is too long, an animated series will allow them to digest FFIX brilliant and emotional plot at their own pace.

6 Final Fantasy VIII gave players a lot (40 hours)

Final Fantasy VIII is one of the most controversial main entries in the Final Fantasy series. For every player who bought into Squall and Rinoa’s romance, another felt that the two central characters lacked chemistry. For every player who enjoyed the join system, another lamented how easily a player could break the game.

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FFVIII received renewed attention in 2019 when it received its long-awaited remaster, years after FFVII and FIX received theirs. Consequently, final Fancy fans had the chance to discover FFVIII for the first time, or give it a second chance that each main line Final Fantasy deserved. Although this is not enough for FFVIII to escape its divisions, it provided a wonderful opportunity for FFVIII for a ride in the spotlight.

5 Final Fantasy X is not a watered down experience (46 hours)

As FFVII, Final Fantasy X served as a good entry point for Final Fantasy series, the first main line Final Fantasy to be released for the hugely popular PlayStation 2. While FFX is one of the most linear Final Fantasy titles, there is a lot to do and secrets to discover in Spira. For example, players can spend hours and hours building a team and winning championships in FFX Blitzball mode.

If 46 hours on average were not enough, FFX was the first main line Final Fantasy to receive a direct response within 31 hours Final Fantasy X-2. While a Final Fantasy X-3 has yet to be made, Square Enix has released a brief audio drama that could potentially drive one, for better or for worse.

4 Final Fantasy XIII definitely takes its time (48 hours)

While the current debates around the division FFVIII tend to be more cordial, the debates surrounding Final Fantasy XIII can’t say the same. FFXIII still produces some of the most impassioned arguments in the Final Fantasy fan base. Whereas FFXIII has its redeeming qualities, Final Fantasy fans are quick to point out its many flaws.

FFXIII clocks in at 48 hours on average, which leads to one of its biggest criticisms: its pacing. FFXIII takes almost the entire first half of the game to fully explain the mechanics, fully integrate the party, and open things up for exploration.

3 Final Fantasy XII needed its eventual fast forward feature (61 hours)

Upon its revelation, Final Fantasy XII drew quick comparisons to MMORPGs for its combat system. To add to this comparison, FFXII is also one of the most extensive main lines Final Fantasy entries to date. Players are faced with the huge world of Ivalice with large cities, vast open areas and a multitude of hunts to undertake.

Although it is the longest solo mainline Final Fantasy, FFXII remaster, Final Fantasy XII: Age of the Zodiac, implements a fast-forward mechanism that helps to speed up the pace of gameplay. In comparison, Zodiac age has an average run time of 40.5 hours.

2 Final Fantasy XI was the first Final Fantasy MMORPG (109 hours)

Square shocked many long-timers Final Fantasy fans when they announced that the 11th main entry into the Final Fantasy was a fully online MMORPG. Even today there is Final Fantasy fans who consider MMORPG entries to be real Final Fantasy Games.

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Final Fantasy XI proved to be a big hit as it received five expansions, the most recent in 2015. FFXI the success also led to the development of its MMORPG sequel, Final Fantasy XIV. While its main base story has an average completion time of 109 hours, that only scratches the surface of what Vana’diel has to offer.

1 Final Fantasy XIV is the gift that keeps on giving (111 hours)

FFXIV is one of the best comeback stories in video game history. The original iteration of FFXIV was met with widespread backlash which led to numerous apologies from Square Enix and its removal from sale. Instead of stuffing FFXIV as a failure, Square Enix reworked FFXIV in Final Fantasy XIV: A Kingdom Reborn.

This effort paid off because ARR received the opposite response, becoming one of the most popular MMORPGs of all time. New FFXIV has since received four major expansions. For those who might find FFXIV An overly daunting 111-hour entry point, Square Enix has been working to better streamline ARR so players can reach expansions faster.

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