10 hunts that are better than the final boss battle

the Final fantasy The series is known for its incredible and memorable battles. The battle against Vayne Carudas Solidor, the final boss of Final Fantasy XII, is no exception. While boss fights are often the most iconic, there are sometimes surprises from the most unlikely of encounters.

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There are a total of 45 marks to hunt throughout Final Fantasy XII, and while not all enemies players will encounter in hunts are more powerful than monster bosses, they all have their own awesome moments and unique experiences that players will remember long after they have finished their time with the game.

ten To reach Roblon, players must fight their way through an army of undead warriors

Final Fantasy XII Roblon

To reach Roblon, players have to leave the map, literally. There is a secluded path through the grass, unmarked on the in-game map, which takes the party down a misty road into the unknown, then back into a cavernous area on the cliff side.

However, before players can approach that mark, they will be attacked by a horde of undead, powerful undead warriors who love to use the Reflect spell, which counteracts the player’s magical spells directly against them. The Dead Bones continue to pester the player’s party even after they also hire Roblon, making this a difficult challenge.

9 A character must be at Death’s Door to begin the encounter with Deathscythe

Battle of Final Fantasy XII vs. Deathscythe

Deathscythe is an unusual mark to find in the game. For this to appear even in the first place, players must have one of their party members in critical health, as if they are already at death’s door. Further embodying the Grim Reaper theme, Deathscythe uses the Doom spell, which instantly disables characters after a period of time.

Deathscythe tends to drain party MPs, making it more difficult to use spells and special abilities. If all that wasn’t enough, when health is low it creates a Paling, a special shield that negates damage from physical attacks.

8 Players must take a pacifist approach if they want to find carrots

Final Fantasy XII Fran Battles Carrot

In a bizarre twist, Carrot, the dangerous Malboro monster with an innocent-sounding name, only appears in the Salikawood if players don’t kill any other enemies in the area. Once Carrot appears, the battle itself can turn deadly very quickly. Carrot uses his hero’s mars ability to maintain his many buffs throughout the encounter.

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However, the main downfall for many players is his dreaded blast attacks. They can instantly change the tide of battle, as they inflict an impressive number of status issues on the party at the same time. Carrot’s breath attacks cover a wide area, making their effects even more devastating and empowering for players.

7 The cheater is a white chocobo who becomes invisible and runs away during battle

Final Fantasy XII Trickster Attacks Basch

True to its namesake, the Trickster is a difficult white chocobo for gamers to meet. The circumstances must be right for the weather in the game for it to appear. Even when he entered the area, players may not know him at first due to his trick of becoming invisible to the eye.

But he keeps his best trick when he’s in poor health. Not only does the Trickster become immune to physical damage, but he also becomes immune to all types of elemental magic except one, and that type fluctuates over time, forcing players to use a very small number of other methods to inflict damages.

6 Fafnir is a gigantic beast with over a million HP

Final Fantasy XII Fafnir roars fiercely

Fafnir is a giant horned beast that will challenge players in a long battle. He uses the Silencega spell to hamper the player’s ability to use his own spells. His White Breath attack not only deals damage to ice elements, but can prevent player characters from moving for a period of time.

The more the health of the Fafnir decreases, the stronger its attacks become. He will use powerful lightning attacks in addition to his physical attacks, and will also repeatedly use his White Breath ability at critical health levels. As an added bonus, he only appears during a snowstorm, which makes the battle much more atmospheric.

5 Deathgaze spawns where monsters normally can’t

Final Fantasy XII Deathgaze looms above an airship

The Deathgaze brand is only found when traveling in a recreational cruise airship. Players encounter him flying over the airship’s deck, making a surprise appearance in an area usually devoid of monsters. This formidable opponent is immune to physical damage for most of the encounter.

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If that wasn’t enough, Deathgaze can use the Invert ability, dealing damage dealt by the player’s team to heal it instead. He’ll even use Renew to fully restore his HP. However, players can take advantage of this and use Renew on Deathgaze when its Reverse ability is active, reducing it to 1 HP, and quickly finishing it with any healing spell.

4 Shadowseer is four boss battles in one

Final Fantasy XII Shadowseer

Just to reach the Shadowseer, players must endure a gauntlet of powerful enemies and collect nearly 200 mysterious black orbs. Orbs must be placed on pedestals in specific quantities. If you insert too many, the orbs will scatter and need to be collected again.

Players then descend into the Dark Depths and face off against the Shadowseer, along with the enhanced versions of four previous bosses. It requires an adaptable approach to the battle at each stage, truly testing the courage and ingenuity of the players.

3 Whenever the Behemoth King is attacked, player characters also take damage

Final Fantasy XII The Behemoth King's White Breath Attack

In order for the Behemoth King to make an appearance, two specific areas of the game must be cleared of the required number of monsters. King Behemoth is somewhat of an older brother to Fafnir, as he is able to use all of Fafnir’s abilities and more.

Additionally, it uses powerful holy element attacks, and some damage is automatically taken whenever a character attacks it. Throughout the battle, he changes state between being immune to physical attacks and immune to magic, forcing players to adopt multiple strategies.

2 Yiazmat is the strongest brand in the game and can take an hour to overcome

An astronomical amount of HP makes Yiazmat an extremely formidable boss to face. Even players whose characters are at max level will have their hands full of Yiazmat’s enormous strength. Traps litter the arena as well, waiting to trap unsuspecting players who are simply trying to survive the battle.

As Yiazmat’s health decreases, she becomes more resilient and more stimulating. At half his health, character attacks do less damage than before. At a quarter of his HP, Yiazmat begins to use Death Strike, an ability that can instantly knock out characters. At critical health, Yiazmat uses Growing Threat to deal even more damage with his attacks. Players will need to master Final Fantasy XII’s combat system to survive this intense encounter.

1 Gilgamesh is a recurring character who makes a flashy cameo appearance filled with references and nostalgia.

Final Fantasy XII Gilgamesh plots an attack

Debuting in Final fantasy v as an antagonist, Gilgamesh made a variety of appearances throughout Final fantasy franchise. He is known to have multiple arms and a large collection of legendary swords taken from mighty warriors he has defeated. In Final Fantasy XII, some of the weapons he uses are replicas of those used by the protagonists of previous entries in the series.

Players face Gilgamesh not once, but twice, and like most games, he’s a force to be reckoned with. He’s even able to use a Perfect Defense ability, becoming immune to all attacks for a period of time, and players have no choice but to endure his powerful Monarch Sword attacks.

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