10 Final Fantasy games that would make an incredible anime series

the Final fantasy Games are, with a few exceptions, mostly standalone games that each tell incredible but separate stories. Playing RPGs can be time consuming, and it’s an investment that distracts a lot of players from the genre – but it’s also an investment that pays huge dividends in the overall experience and achievement when you finally see the end credits. .

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The stories are exaggerated at times, but there are many grounded moments and character development that can still be somewhat rare in the video game world. With so many Western and Japanese influences, there are many stories of various Final fantasy the entries could easily be adapted into an anime.

ten Final Fantasy VI: The Magical Steampunk Story With Anime-Style Time Jump

Dialogue FFVI Remaster Locke

Originally published as Final Fantasy III in the West, FFVI has many story tropes that can be found in anime and manga. The game takes place during a battle between the Empire and the group of rebels who oppose the Crown’s attempt to conquer the entire planet named the Returners.

Amnesia plays a key role in the story as the first playable character introduced is used as a weapon; An esper named Terra who breaks free from a mind control device after releasing too much energy. Terra meets 13 other characters, each with their own stories and commitments to stop the Empire. The mysterious power of the espers and their world is revealed to be the main focus of the villain, Kefka. This villain that gamers love to hate, along with all the other elements, would make FFVI a perfect anime.

9 Final Fantasy VIII: The Growth of the Stereotypical Lone Character

FFVIII remastered store image

Squall Leonhart starts out as a loner, but over the course of the game he becomes a more involved and deeper character. Despite being the central protagonist, the overall plot of FFVIII tells the stories of many unique characters as they interact and change Squall for the better.

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The world’s magical system is unique and is naturally used by a witch and guardian forces. Mercenaries like Squall are able to use magic with the help of Guardian Forces, and while the game is political at first, it almost becomes an entirely different game in the second half. Love, betrayal, and time travel are just a few of the story hooks that might appeal to anime fans. It has so many subtext, in fact, that the theories surrounding Squall’s fate are still debated at length today, more than 20 years after the game’s original release.

8 Final Fantasy XV: multiple points of view could make for entire anime seasons each

FFXV Noctis walking with Gladio, Prompto and Ignis

FFXV was published with several forms of media that came before it. A movie and an anime have been made, both set before the events of the game. The world is as modern as it gets, with cars, gas stations, and noodle cups, mixed with mighty creatures, summons. and magic.

In the story, the main character Noctis travels to Altissia in order to marry his childhood friend and fiancée, Lunafreya. Marriage is used as a union to meet the terms of a peace treaty between his own kingdom of Lucis and his empire, Niflheim. An anime adaptation could last for seasons as there are countless perspectives to consider, as well as the story leading up to the events of the game.

7 Final Fantasy IV: Time spent alone would have made people invest

FFIV remastered

FFIV begins with a game one, as Captain Cecil of the Red Wings is stripped of his rank after questioning the attack orders of a wizarding town to obtain the Water Crystal for the King. It takes place during a time of war and has a dwarf race living in the underworld and the lunar race living in the outer region of the blue planet.

High fancy like FFIV is the perfect setting for an anime, and with each character encountered having their own unique class / job, the result is a diverse cast with a story of deception, betrayal, and saving the world. If that wasn’t enough, the story of FFIV develops in the games Interlude and The After Years. The After Years takes place 17 years later and focuses on the coming of the second moon. It is told in parts and themes around the looming waning moon disaster and what it means for the people of the planet.

6 Final Fantasy X: Another Adaptation Could Get People Out Of The Infamous Laughing Scene

Final Fantasy X-X2 Remastered

FFX was the first fully dubbed Final fantasy, and because of that, many scenes were turned into memes. The game follows Tidus, a Blitzball player who seeks his father’s approval, while also resenting Jecht. Tidus is taken away from his home, meeting a group of people he befriends as they travel to appease the wrath of a monstrous force called Sin.

The cast is relatively small, and because of that, there is a lot of room for character growth. Or FFX deals with serious matters and a god devouring the city, FFX-2 is much more lax in its execution with a light delivery, although each one is perfect for an anime.

5 Final Fantasy VII Trilogy: Triangles of Love, Existentialism, and the Fate of the World

Final Fantasy VII Original Cloud Strife

FFVII, Core Crisis, and Cerberus’ funeral song would make an amazing anime, each with different tones and stories. While there’s a lot to cover here, the trilogy follows three protagonists tormented by their homework and sacrifices that made them what they are.

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Vincent’s story could easily be adapted into a horror series, while Zack fits into the trope of the protagonist shonen being the fun, laid-back talking SOLDIER with cheerful demeanor. Cloud follows the tropes as well, with the added mix of not quite knowing who he is – following a path he thinks is his, but ultimately discovering that all is not as it seems.

4 Final Fantasy VII remake: a revisit and a narrative, but with its own twist

Final-Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Fighting Sephiroth

Avoid spoilers, FFVII remake is different enough to deserve its own anime. The game follows a similar pattern but does flesh out some characters and adds twists to a story that players will think they know. With so many series remade in the anime world, Remake would respond to two people familiar with the story of the original with the start of the story, while following the beats of the story for the fresh people.

Following the deeper complexity of what unfolds, the sequel to the game is sure to add more depth to the characters while likely adding its own unique characters to the mix.

3 Final Fantasy XII: Stop a War Before It Happens

Final-Fantasy XII Actors

FFXII follows Vaan as his protagonist, but the main character, in reality, is Ashe. Ashe is the princess of Dalmasca, a kingdom that had remained neutral in wartime, and she was to marry a prince to bolster their number in a union with a neighboring kingdom.

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Things were cut short, however, as Prince Rasler was killed in the early parts of the match. Dalmasca is conquered by Archardia voluntarily by the king, having signed under his reign in order to save his people from war. Two years later, the game changes Vaan’s perspective and how he finds himself caught up in issues bigger than himself. The game follows a diverse cast of characters, each trying to stop a war that seems to be looming on the horizon.

2 Final Fantasy XIII: Stop the destruction of their planet

Final Fantasy XIII promotional image

FFXIII follows a large cast, but most people recognize Lightning as the central character of the story. She is often compared to Cloud, and the fate of Cocoon, the artificial planet the characters live on, is in her hands.

Throughout history, the party uncovers more and more evidence that leads to a conspiracy that takes place in ancient times. Trying to save the planet, Lightning fights tooth and nail to uncover the plot while being led in different directions. Lots of losses are dealt with in the game’s story, and Lightning takes a path of revenge as a result.

1 Final Fantasy IX: a serious plot with light elements mixed in for a good anime plot

FFIX store image

FFIX is whimsical and complex in its delivery. The cast has an existential crisis, trying to figure out who or what they are while trying to stop the Kingdom of Alexandria from their rampage. Zidane is caught in this situation after kidnapping the princess for her own safety, as ordered by the regent of Lindblum, and they quickly come to each other.

The story focuses primarily on Zidane and Garnet, but the entire cast of characters each have their time to shine. Garnet’s mother appears to have been brainwashed, engaging in a series of murders with her soldiers, endangering the lives of anyone who opposes her.

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