10 Final Fantasy characters who could be Hashira

Any action-packed series would be incomplete without the addition of an elite force of warriors (or sometimes a mentor) to guide the main character through their physical growth. Demon slayer is no exception to this rule. The Hashira are the strongest rank in the Demon Slayers Corps, and for good reason: one of the requirements for becoming a Hashira is killing a member of the Twelve Kizuki, an elite group of demons who serve Muzan Kibutsuji.

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Each Hashira has a special fighting style that makes them unique, and they are unabashedly dedicated to bringing down Muzan. Many other series also contain unique and powerful characters dedicated to a good cause, including Final fantasy. Although they do not use any breathing techniques, there are many Final fantasy characters who could be powerful Hashira.

ten Zack Fair’s optimistic attitude will serve him well as Hashira (Final Fantasy VII)

Being a Hashira is hard work and often heartbreaking. Hashira knows they’re best equipped to protect humans from demons, but they can’t be everywhere at once, which means there will be a lot of people they can’t protect. Zack’s optimism will motivate his compatriot Hashira and his dedication will carry him through the losses. Through Final Fantasy VIIBy standards, Zack is a pretty powerful character, since he’s a first-class SOLDIER. This will give him an advantage during brutal Hashira training classes.

9 Lightning’s Commitment to Saving Others Will Motivate Her as Hashira (Final Fantasy XIII)

Promotional image of Lightning Returns

Part of Lightning’s growth in Final Fantasy XIII was to understand her role as a savior and allow herself to connect with others. Demon slayerThe Hashira have all been traumatized by demons and understand the importance of making sure others are spared the same fate. Lightning’s experience prepares her for the same hardships Hashira agrees to endure. Additionally, she is a Gunblade user, which is a weapon only for the strongest soldiers.

8 Ramza Beoulve’s devotion to justice will guide him as Hashira (Final Fantasy Tactics)

ramza beoulve of Final Fantasy tactics in Dissidia Final Fantasy

Ramza prides himself on being someone who always does the right thing, no matter what the consequences. He went so far as to renounce his own surname when he discovered that the Beoulves were complicit in unjust acts. Ramza’s refusal to participate in political manipulation has even erased his name from Ivalice’s history, even though he played a key role in defeating Ultima and rescuing Ivalice. Ramza is also a skilled swordsman with extensive training, so he will be able to keep up with other Hashira.

7 Terra Branford’s Esper powers will be a boon to the Hashira (Final Fantasy VI)

Terra de Dissidia from Final Fantasy

Half human and half esper, Terra is an exceptionally powerful character. Despite this, Terra is known to be afraid of her power and is reluctant to use it in battle. Being a Hashira will provide Terra with a significant outlet for her powers since the Twelve Kizuki, and Muzan by extension, are incredibly powerful demons.

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Terra will also be motivated by the fact that she will protect others from killing demons. She is a very versatile fighter who is also handy with a blade.

6 Gladiolus Amicitia’s sense of responsibility is crucial for a Hashira (Final Fantasy XV)

Gladiolus from Final Fantasy XV Solo Chapter Gladiolus

Being a Hashira is not for the faint of heart and only those who are truly dedicated to bringing down Muzan will be able to overcome the struggle. Gladiolus is a man who is not afraid to speak his mind and takes his missions seriously. He even argues with Noctis, the future king he has sworn to protect, whenever he sees Noctis showing weakness in the face of his goals. Gladiolus’ honest and straightforward demeanor will be welcomed among the Hashira as these traits make him a trustworthy man. Gladiolus also comes from a military background, so he will be able to withstand Hashira’s harsh training regimes.

5 Yuna’s spiritual background will strengthen her strength as Hashira (Final Fantasy X)

Promotional image of Yuna from FFX Remaster

Yuna was born and raised to be a Summoner, which means she is very godly when it comes to her responsibilities. This is a trait also shown by the Stone Hashira, Gyomei Himejima, who grew up in a Buddhist temple. Yuna’s faith guides her through the story of Final Fantasy X. She is kind and caring about others, which is an attribute that will certainly take her a long way as a Hashira. She might not be a swordbearer, but she has mighty eons to back her up.

4 Sephiroth’s raw strength will make him an asset to the Hashira (Final Fantasy VII)

Before Sephiroth went mad, he was a well-made young man whose power was the envy of his comrades. Although Sephiroth’s superhuman ability leads him to be a bit arrogant, he is still a dedicated First Class SOLDIER who does his best. It is easy to imagine him among the ranks of the Hashira given his skills and craftsmanship. His strength is something that will instill confidence in his teammates and make them give it their all, just like it has inspired people like Zack.

3 Shantotto’s diligence will keep her focused as Hashira (Final Fantasy XI)

Shantotto is a Final Fantasy XI Fan favorite NPC who eventually made his way into the Dissidia: Final Fantasy series. She is a powerful dark mage who is driven by her goals and her thirst for knowledge. Since the Hashira have very little information about Muzan, it is likely that Shantotto would devote himself fully to knowing as much as possible about him.

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She might be a Tarutaru, but her small size doesn’t stop her from casting extremely powerful dark magics, so she’s more than prepared to defend against demons.

2 Auron’s sense of loyalty will drive him towards his goals as Hashira (Final Fantasy X)

Auron from Final Fantasy X

Auron is already somewhat of a samurai himself, which means he will fit in perfectly with other Hashira. Auron was so loyal to Braska that he couldn’t accept the futility of Braska’s death. His loyalty to Braska’s cause has resulted in his mind being tied to the mortal realm, so he wanders like an unsent until he gets a chance to babysit Braska’s daughter, Yuna, when his own pilgrimage. Auron is a man who will hold out and protect his comrades no matter what.

1 Y’shtola Rhul’s Calm Will Provide Hashira with Wisdom (Final Fantasy XIV)

yshtola from final fantasy xiv final fantasy 14

Like Shantotto, Y’shtola has become a fan favorite character who represents Final Fantasy XIV in Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT. He is a no-nonsense, clear-headed Scion dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. Her wit and insight make her a reliable teammate and strategist, which also allows her to be an advantage to the other Hashira. In addition, Y’shtola has proven to be an exceptionally patient woman, so she is sure to handle any disagreements or quarrels with calm. She is also a talented mage who can practice both black and white magic.

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