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Final Fantasy is one of the oldest game series and has more games than any other game franchise. This long line of high-quality games spawned one of geek culture’s greatest fandoms, including many budding game developers. It’s no wonder there are as many Final Fantasy fan games as there are official titles.

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One of the most ubiquitous and easy-to-use game development tools, RPG Maker was created primarily as a creator of Final Fantasy fan games. For this reason, there is no shortage of Final Fantasy fan games. However, finding good ones can be a challenge, as there is no central place to find these games. If you’re looking for some new Final Fantasy games to prepare for the next release, give one a try.

ten Cosplay Crisis

Crisis Cosplay Fan Game

Cosplay Crisis is one of the most unique versions of a Final Fantasy fan game. Rather than take place in the gaming world, it instead features a bunch of Final Fantasy cosplayers on their way to a convention. Their world is turned upside down when a virus breaks out and unleashes chaos. The protagonists decide to act like their Final Fantasy heroes to save themselves.

The game takes that premise and asks a lot of interesting questions about identity, fandom, and self-esteem. It takes a lot of twists and turns that you won’t find in an official Final Fantasy game, but stays true to the source material.

9 Final fantasy d20

Final Fantasy d20 artwork logo

Final fantasy d20 is actually a tabletop RPG, rather than a video game. It started out as a simple Dungeons and Dragons conversion with characters and settings from Final Fantasy, but has grown into something much more complex over time. Using the Pathfinder rule set as a foundation, Final Fantasy d20 creates an authentic yet unique pen-and-paper RPG experience.

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If you hadn’t heard of Pathfinder, you’d never know that Final Fantasy d20 wasn’t an entirely new creation. The amount of customization of its races, classes, skills, and magical system is deeply layered and precise for gaming.

8 Final Fantasy Dreams

Screenshot of Final Fantasy Dreams RPG Maker fan game

One of the best things about many Final Fantasy games is that they have the freedom to take systems and mechanics from many games and combine them together. The best game to combine multiple systems is Final Fantasy Dreams. Created in 2009, Dreams is sold by being as close as possible to the Final Fantasy games of the old-school Super Nintendo era, using several more modern game systems.

Dreams uses Final Fantasy VII’s Limit Break system, X’s Summon system, IX’s Blue Magic, VIII’s Kamikaze, and many more from the series. You’d think that would be too much for a game, but the possibilities and sheer options are a breath of fresh air, and it’s fun to mix and match styles of play.

7 Final Fantasy: The Legend of Balance

Screenshot of Final Fantasy The Legend of Balance

Final Fantasy: The Legend of Balance is a massive fan game that took years to create – which makes sense considering the game is roughly 30-40 hours long, with dozens of side quests and mini-games. The scale of The Legend of Balance alone is impressive, but that alone is not what makes it one of the best fan games in Final Fantasy.

Creator RydiaMist has created a fascinating and unique story. The game starts out similar to Super Mario Odyssey, of all things. Our heroes already fight the final boss at the very beginning, but lose the battle and are all sent to a separate world. They must recover from their injuries, find each other, find their way home and save the day.

6 Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno

Screenshot of Final Fantasy Chronicles of Eno

Chronicles of Eno is a relatively new game compared to others on this list, having only entered development in 2019. It is also different from many other Final Fantasy fan games in that it does not take any characters, stories, or characters. setting of previous games, but instead presents a whole new cast, plot, and world.

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So far only the first chapter is available to play, but it shows great promise. What’s interesting about Chronicles of Eno is that the player can choose any of the four members of the starting party to be the player character. Each party member has a set job, and their abilities and levels happen based on the story, rather than the player awarding skill points.

5 Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

Screenshot of Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

Rather than being a totally unique game, Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny Instead, picks up the story from Final Fantasy IV (originally released as Final Fantasy II in the West) and features an alternate version of the timeline. As creator wotgAshiee says in the game description, “What if, say, Rydia never joined your group?” Or did Kain stay with you after the Mist incident?

What makes Alter Destiny fascinating is that it takes a story we already know and turns it around. These “what if” stories are always hit and miss, because so often the creators stray too far from the original story. But Alter Destiny makes a perfect distinction between staying true to the spirit of Final Fantasy IV, while offering enough new content to keep it interesting.

4 Prophecy of the Black Moon

Screenshot of Blackmoon Prophecy Final Fantasy fan game

One of the best known and most supported fan games within the Final Fantasy community is Prophecy of the Black Moon. First released in 2013, its creator has continued to add new content and release fixes until 2020. Final Fantasy fans will appreciate Blackmoon Prophecy the most, as this game is a love letter to the series. in its purest form.

Billed as a distillation of the first six games and a tribute to the series as a whole, Blackmoon Prophecy is a simple game by design. “In traditional old school fashion, this is a game about saving the crystals from an evil villain and that’s it! said the creator. “It sounds simple because, like old games, it is.” A lot of characters, towns, and items from previous games appear throughout the story, and there are a few twists and turns, but overall this is a Final Fantasy fan game. designed for fans of the series.

3 Fairy Tactics

Screenshot of Final Fantasy from Fae Tactics

We’re cheating a bit with Fae Tactics because it’s not technically a fan game in the sense that it takes place in the world of Final Fantasy. However, developer Endlessfluff Games has made no secret that Fae Tactics is heavily based on Final Fantasy Tactics. This is obvious even at a glance, but in all fairness to say it’s nothing more than Final Fantasy Tactics with a fresh coat of paint would be unfair.

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You play as Peonny, a young magician in search of her mother in a world torn by war. Fae Tactics takes a unique approach to combat in that there are no menus, everything is managed by context, like the position of characters or obstacles. Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics can rejoice in knowing that this is still a very complex game no matter what.

2 Final Fantasy VII: Reimagined

Final Fantasy VII's reimagined 2D brawler

If you’re looking for something other than the usual turn-based RPG fare, then Final Fantasy VII: Reimagined maybe just right for you. The principle is simple: take Final Fantasy VII and make it a 2D brawler. Likewise, the gameplay itself is quite straightforward. You can choose to play as Cloud or Tifa, and you fight Shinra soldiers and robots on your way to the Scorpion Sentinel boss fight.

It’s a beautiful game, totally different from pixel art games from previous entries. It’s a bit light in terms of gameplay, with few weapons or bonuses, but it’s a unique piece, after all. It’s a shame there isn’t more than one level, but for what it is, it’s fantastic.

1 Final Fantasy VII New Threat

Screenshot of the new threat mod from Final Fantasy VII

New threat is not a fan game, but rather a mod for Final Fantasy VII that offers a lot of new features and content. Each character’s stats have been rebalanced, there are new enemies and bosses to fight, and some wobbly translated dialogue has been rewritten, among other changes. Additionally, cut content has been restored like side quests, along with some quality of life improvements like flashback jumps and more save points.

Fans don’t have to worry though, New Threat isn’t exaggerating with new features that drastically change the game, like giving you a tank or drastically changing the character’s personality. Creator Sega Chief made sure to stay true to Final Fantasy VII while shaking things up just enough to make it feel different. Think of it as a kind of “New Game Plus” mode, of sorts.

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