10 Amazing D&D Podcasts That Aren’t Role Critical

The popularity of critical role led to a new appreciation of Dungeons & Dragons, and an avenue for new podcasts. Even if D&D has been around since 1974, the game started to gain popularity with the 5th edition. Some of this popularity can be attributed to the massive success of critical role.

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This popularity has created an opportunity for new designers to develop new and exciting D&D podcasts. These podcasts can range from actual standard plays to many people talking about D&D. Whatever the topic of the podcast, it created a new avenue for fans and creators to participate in D&D.

ten Unprepared Casters: D&D Players of Tik Tok Fame

Casters logo not prepared for Dungeons and Dragons

One of the newer podcasts on the market is the Unprepared casters Podcast. This podcast is a D&D actual gaming podcast, with the players and GM all noticed on Tik Tok initially.

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What started when these Tik Tokers first made multiple Tik Tokers while discussing D&D mechanics, styles or comedy sketches turned into a way for them to create their show for people to enjoy. Podcast features Haley Whipjack and Gus Rachels as they invite others D&D Tik Tokers to participate.

9 Dumpstat Podcast: A Tounge-In-Cheak Podcast with Lots of Stories

Dumpstat logo for Dungeons and Dragons

The Dumpstat podcast has a fantastic concept where hosts engage in this continuing style of doing a podcast in a D&D world. The main host is called Archlich Brill and is often accompanied by imprisoned Doc the Fighter.

Hosts often talk and act as if they are in a real dungeon and use daily references by pretending they are in a real dungeon. D&D-like the world. But other than that they talk about all things D&D, from lore to monster mechanics, adventures and more.

8 The Black Dice Society: for when you want a scary season all year round

Cover photo of the Black Dice Society for Dungeons and Dragons

The black dice society is an official Wizards Of The Coast podcast series featuring a star-studded cast. This show takes place at Ravenloft and was released to coincide with the release of Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft.

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Hosted by B. Dave Walters and starring Becca Scott, Deejay Knight, Mark Meer, Noura Ibrahim, Saige Ryan and Tanya DePass, who all play these fantastic characters set in the haunting world of Ravenloft, The black dice society is great listening for new and old D&D Fans.

7 Dragon Talk: the official podcast for everything D&D

The Dragon Talk logo for Dungeons and Dragons

Another official podcast from The Wizards Of The Coast, Dragon Talk discusses all about D&D. Dragon chat not only covers all official versions for D&D, but he also has talks with D&D streamers, as well as the designers and artists of the popular RPG series.

Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble are the hosts of Dragon Talk and bring a fun and informative style to discuss all things. D&D. If gamers want to get the official discussion on new product content or news, this podcast is the way to go.

6 BomBARDed: Oops, all the bards

BombBARDed Journal for Dungeons and Dragons

Have you ever wondered what a D&D it would be as if all the players were playing in the same class? Look no further than Bombarded, full D&D live podcast where all band members are bards.

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The BomBARDed podcast consists of Kyle Claset, Nick Spurrier, Ali Grant-Claset and Nick Goodrich, who are professional musicians. If players are looking for a D&D show where music is in the foreground, then this is the podcast for them, but even less so for music fans D&D will enjoy BomBARDed’s trip.

5 Dames and Dragons: both clumsy and hilarious

Dames and Dragons logo for Dungeons and Dragons

Ladies and Dragons is the quintessence of what D&D is all about. A group of friends come together to play on an epic adventure that involves as many hilarious situations as it does tense moments, all of which resonate with emotional moments many will remember.

Kat the DM hosts the podcast, while Noel, Juniper, Hannah and Sophia are the cast of Ladies and Dragons. Everyone brings awesome energy to the table and together they create a fantastic story similar to critical role.

4 Not another D&D podcast: shouting from both teams

Not another D&D podcast diary for Dungeons and Dragons

There is a lot of D&D podcasts. Hundreds, to be exact. So when writers and actors Emily Axford, Brian Murphy, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner all decided to make their own D&D podcast, they knew their title from Not another D&D podcast would be an instant hit.

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Not another D&D podcast is a veritable series of plays centered on the idea that the supposed heroes of the D&D world has made the world worse than better, and the main characters in this story must clean up the mess.

3 Dungeons & Dads: When Dads Start Playing D&D

Cover for Dungeons and Dads for Dungeons and Dragons

Get ready for a plethora of daddy jokes. The Dungeons and dads The podcast centers around the idea that a bunch of everyday suburban dads are all drawn into a mystical fantasy world to save their sons, which is as fun as it sounds.

Dungeons and dads is a wild premise that focuses a lot on humor, emotional moments, and a lot of pun. The podcast stars Anthony Burch as CEO, with Matt Arnold, Will Campos, Beth May, and Freddie Wong as players.

2 The Adventure Zone: a family that plays together stays together

The logo of the adventure zone for dungeons and dragons

A podcast almost as big as critical role in terms of people citing it as the podcast that led them to D&D; The adventure zone focuses on a high fantasy world where Justin, Travis, Griffin and Clint McElroy play D&D together.

The adventure zone has covered many adventures and has been transformed into a series of graphic novels that follows the adventures of the characters. So if gamers are looking for a fun podcast that involves a really close family, then The adventure zone is a great option.

1 Dimension 20: Say hello to fearless heroes

Dimension 20 logo for Dungeons and Dragons

Perhaps one of the most complete D&D podcasts is the popular TV series / podcast Dropout Dimension 20. The show is more anthological than the others D&D podcasts, as they have multiple seasons that change the cast, concept, and sometimes even the game system.

The first season was Fantasy High, who turned D&D in a high school romantic comedy story à la John Hughes. The show also has a diverse roster of players, GMs, and creators, all of which make these amazing, hilarious, and diverse. D&D shows.

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