What are free investment credits, parallel to credit cards?

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Free investment credits, parallel to credit cards allow an instant increase in available capital. They are credits that are easily obtained, and are ideal to face emergency situations.

Free investment credits, parallel to credit cards, offer the possibility of easily acquiring additional financing. These loans are granted in parallel to the financing of credit cards, without generating surcharges on them. Generally, the loan amount corresponds to 100% of the maximum amount of credit card financing.

Free investment credits are not an increase in the amount of financing of these credit instruments. They are loans that are managed independently of it, with their own interest rates and payment terms. In fact, a parallel line grants the loan money as a capital deposit in a bank account. And not as a credit limit, as in the case of the credit card.

To understand how this credit works, suppose you have a credit card with a maximum amount of $ 5 million. You have made consumption for $ 1 million, so you still have a credit of $ 4 million. If you receive a parallel line for $ 5 million, you will still have the $ 4 million credit on your card.


Advantages of Free investment credits, parallel to credit cards

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These credits are a great option to cover emergency situations as they are granted quickly and with little formality. As they do not affect the credit line of your card, the latter is still available to deal with the situation. If you look at the previous example, you will see that the available capital via loans is $ 9 million in total.


General requirements

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  • Be between 18 and 84 years old.
  • Select the term that best suits your needs: 36 to 60 months at a fixed rate and up to 120 months at a variable rate.
  • Minimum amount approved for disbursement is $ 1,000,000, although it may be the maximum amount, according to the client’s borrowing capacity.
  • It is possible to make extraordinary payments and early cancellation without any penalty.

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