How to get an honor loan?

student loan

How to get an honor loan and what are the necessary requirements to apply for it? You are a young man who has clear ideas about his future but needs the financial means to “take flight”, the loan of honor is the solution to your problems.

For young people, asking for a loan from a bank is really difficult, unless it boasts solid guarantees to present, for example the signature of a guarantor (a parent).

Let’s find out in this guide what is the loan of honor, what are the types and who can request it.

Honor loan: what is it?

student loan

Born in the distant 1996, the loan of honor is a facilitated loan that allows obtaining, to those who request it, financial support to start a business or commercial activity.

Thanks to the loan of honor, young people can find the economic means to realize their dream.

Being a tool that stimulates youth entrepreneurship , it follows that the honor loan contributes to Italy’s economic growth.

Honor loans: types

student loan

In addition to being a form of financing for start-ups and companies, the honor loan also finances courses of study , specialization, research doctorates and any other specialization course.

Young university students and research PhD students can return the requested loan only at the end of their training, after having obtained the title of Doctor or PhD.

In most cases, these are non- repayable loans or have a subsidized rate , by virtue of Agreements signed between the University and the credit institution.

Who can apply for an honor loan?

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The loans of honor are reserved:

  • to young people wishing to start a business or self-employed activity
  • to young people who want to start a franchising business
  • to students and PhD students without a scholarship who do not have financial possibilities but want to graduate or follow a post-graduate training course.

This type of loan is mostly intended for those under 35 years old.

For more information, contact a Romeo Consultant and find out which are the credit products that allow you to start your own business or finance your studies.

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